We have all had to change our lives a lot in the last few months and adapt to the situation. Our working lives have been particularly affected. Forced to work from home, everyone has had to adapt. We are convinced that everyone who can work with a laptop and phone can and will spend part of their working time in the home office in the future. The experience from the pandemic shows that in the vast majority of cases, the work line is not less efficient, as initially feared, but rather higher. This is actually understandable, as travel times are eliminated and one can hold several meetings in one day at different locations without having to get on a plane or train.

And where this home office is really doesn’t matter either. We started renting out our SunsetLoft last year for exactly this purpose, as a home office by the sea.

Both alone or in smaller groups, this heavenly quiet space is great for just working things off. Team or Zoom meetings can also be held with a view of the sea. The person opposite will not be interested in where you are actually working from.

In addition to the normal tables and lounge furniture, we also have mobile workstations from Standsome ( ) that you can place wherever you would like to work from. We can also provide monitors for an additional charge.

Arrange Offsite Meetings with up to 26 people with us in the SunsetLoft. We are only 35 km away from Zadar airport, a shuttle service can be arranged, as well as a typical Dalmatian barbecue.

Feel free to contact us directly about the purpose for which you would like to rent our SunsetLoft. Every season has its charm by the sea.